Cover Up (And Still Be Able to See Out) With Perforated Vinyl

A versatile advertising tactic for your business is to apply perforated vinyl to your windows or entryway.  It is a simple way to make the exterior of your business look appealing AND it cuts energy costs by blocking sunlight.


These tiny holes are invisible until you are right up against them. They allow you to see out and they block others from seeing in.

Beating the heat is crucial almost year-round in Florida. At 9 Mile Media, our perforated doors keep the sun out. We’re able to show off our logo and it is striking from the road.

The exterior of the doors block sight from the outside– not that there’s much to view except me sitting at a desk. The glass maintains its reflective quality.

If you look closely, you can view the cars the street and the palm trees that border our building.


And Voilà! We can see out. 


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