Facebook announces BIG Changes To Privacy Settings

In a Newsroom post this Thursday, Facebook announced some big changes to their privacy settings. Up until now, unless you physically made changes to your Facebook page’s privacy settings, anyone and everyone on the Internet could see your business. That includes your status updates, photos, videos and basic information. And, let’s face it, that’s not always a good thing.

From here on, when a new user signs up for a Facebook account, their privacy setting will default to “Friends Only” meaning that only people in their friends lists can view their status updates, photos, etc.

“But what if I already have a Facebook page” you ask? Not to worry, Facebook has some good news for you too. Facebook’s famously confusing and difficult to navigate privacy settings are getting an upgrade. With Facebook’s new “Privacy Checkup” you’ll easily be able to view your privacy settings and make any necessary changes. You may see something like this on your Facebook page:




Facebook’s app is also getting an update. It will now be much easier to control who you are and aren’t sharing information with when you post to Facebook via your smartphone or tablet.


Considering the fact that Facebook had to pay out $20 million in a settlement accusing the company of giving away user’s personal information and was threatened with a lawsuit for putting people’s photos in ads without their permission.


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